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1. Dead [Requiem Aeternam]
2. Another Soul [Kyrie]
3. Awakening The Ghosts
4. All For You [Dies Irae]
5. Stories To Tell [Tuba Mirum]
6. Fit To Die
7. Save Us, Source Of Mercy [Rex Tremendae]
8. The Day Of Retribution [Recordare]


Recorded between the 3rd and the 15th of March 2007, mixed and mastered between the 3rd and the 9th of September 2007, at the “New Sin Studio” by Luigi Stefanini.
Keyboards and synth choirs recorded at the “Blue Nails Studio” by Michael Snidaro.
Choir recorded in Aquileia (UD), ITALY by Dario Caroli.

Music written by Michael Snidaro (except “Fit To Die” by Furlanis, Snidaro) and arranged by Michael Snidaro and Future Is Tomorrow.

All lyrics by Fabio Tomba.

Produced by Michael Snidaro, Future Is Tomorrow and Luigi Stefanini.

“Fit To Die” concept by Michael Snidaro, Fabio Tomba, Paolo Furlanis, developed by Fabio Tomba.

Growl vocals performed by Alberto “Ciardo” Da Rech from Delirium X Tremens.
Additional keyboards and arrangements by Luigi Stefanini.
Choral parts performed by: Danilo Anzanel, Fabio Cecchetto, Michael Snidaro, Paolo Di Monte, Adriano Zentilin, Giuliano Moos, Roberto Ormellese, Andrea Gardenal, Stefano Fiscal, Luciano Sverzut, Nicola Bas, Rudi Puntin, Gianluca Fontana from Natissa Choir.
Choir directed by M° Luca Bonutti.
Choir co-directed and produced by Michael Snidaro.
“The Day Of Retribution”: intro taken from Dmitrij Šostakovic op.110a.

Photo artwork by Anna Bechis (Kaos-Art).

Artwork by Davide Nadalin & Future Is Tomorrow.




1. Intro
2. The New Messiah
3. The Man Who Believes In Nothing
4. In Memory
5. The Sacred Son
6. The Nameless One
7. No One Cares




1. Come To Nothing
2. Seasons Of Loneliness
3. Future Is Tomorrow
4. Welcome


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