Here we are, recording the drums for the new album!

Hi everyone, we finally started the recording of our new album, with a yet-to-be-defined title spanning from “Just War” to “Jus ad Belli” with quite some choices in between.
It took us a lot of time to get back on track but here we are, alive and kickin’.
We started with a couple of days of drums’ recordings, in which Grave did a great job playing the tunes with groove and feeling. Michele, who’s in charge of the recordings (and he’s also going to sing the whole thing, that busy man!) set a very deep, acoustic sound for the drums.

Here's Grave posing for the camera while he should be rehearsing...

Here’s Grave posing for the camera while he should be rehearsing…

The sound is amazing so far and we have great expectations for the other instruments as well.
Now’s the time for some very, very heavy metal guitar riffs, scheduled for saturday and sunday.
Stay tuned for more and while you wait for more news, enjoy this picture of Grave after his recording session (but sadly before a shower :D )


Yes, he's bald and shines like a palantìr!

Yes, he’s bald and shines like a palantìr!

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