The Defeat: finally, the release date!

Here we are with the last chapter (after this one and this one) of our little time travel among the european countries that started Warld War I.

We’re now in the year 1915, the war rages across Europe and quite everyone is involved in it. Italy had been a part of the Triple Alliance since 1882, but our nation had its own plans about the Austrian territories in Trentino, Istria and Dalmatia. To achieve its goals, Italy signed a secret pact with France in 1902, thus nullifying its alliance with the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires. These two countries wanted Italy to remain neutral, offering the french colony of Tunisia in return, but the Allies made a counter-offer in which Italy would receive the territories it set its eyes on, after the defeat of Austria-Hungary. Italy signed the Treaty of London and joined the Triple Entent declaring war to the Austro-Hungarians on May, the 23rd. The day after, the italian troops started heading east, and still now a popular song retains the memory of that day. The first verses are:

The Piave whispered calm and placid during the crossing
of the first infantrymen on 24 May;
the army marched on to reach the frontier
to make a wall against the enemy.
the silent infantrymen passed in the night
they had to be silent and go forward.
From the beloved river banks they heard
light and low the exultation of the waves.
It was a sweet and propitious omen.
The Piave whispered: the foreigner shall not pass!

Depiction of the Battle of Doberdò, 1916

It has been May, the 24th and it’s going to be May, the 24th.

On May, the 24th, Future Is Tomorrow is going to release its new single: “The Defeat”, for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

Along the mp3, there will also be a lyric video on youtube!

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