Website updates

Hi all! As you may notice, this website is undergoing some changes to empower the user experience. Most of them lie beneath the website’s skin, but on the surface you can find a new player (homepage), a new store linked… Continue reading

We wish you a Metal Christmas!

Hi to all friends and fans worldwide! We’re silent but we’re still here, working on the songs for the new cd. As we said before, it’s worth the wait. Trust us, it’s true! :)

Before some news about it, all… Continue reading

Sad news: Andrew “Mac” McDermott passed away

These are things no one ever want to read… according to Blabbermouth, ex Threshold singer Andrew “Mac” McDermott passed away yesterday for “serious health problems”. :(

I’d like to share a little, personal memory with all of you.

Back… Continue reading

Exploring new album’s concept /2

(for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the first part is here)

Giacomo Leopardi was indeed a real genius but he also possessed an incredible culture. Personally, I think that there cannot be creativity without culture. Every… Continue reading

Exploring new album’s concept /1

Hi to all our friends worldwide!

As I stated here and here, we’re currently working on our new album, and we’re really thrilled about it so far! :) Since the concept starts from a work of Giacomo Leopardi,… Continue reading

Featured heavy metal friends: Delirium X Tremens

Hi to all the friends worldwide! Today I’d like to spread the word about a very good band from Italy: Delirium X Tremens. You could ask why I am suggesting a death metal band: it’s because they’re good friends… Continue reading

Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Silent Scream

Back to an Italian review from Silent Scream webzine.

Good to know that an heavy metal band like we are is appreciated in our country, too! :)

Obviously nobody is completely original, apart from those who engage in bizarre… Continue reading

Italian referendum

Hi all, this is my first post of this new website. It’s also the first multilanguage post we’ve ever hosted!

On June the 1st, 2011 the italian Supreme Court of Cassation accepted the abrogative referendum that is going to be… Continue reading

Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by LeChantDuGrillon

So, what can I say… I love french people, especially the ones who spend kind words for the drummer of an heavy metal band called future is Tomorrow. :) Thanks to Le Chant du Grillon and to Jean!!

I noticed… Continue reading

Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by TeethOfTheDivine

Hi everyone, let’s talk about what’s heavy! Metal is heavy and heavy metal songs should be heavy!!

The what about heavy metal ballads?

I want to tell something to Fred from Teeth of the Divine webzine: the next CD will be heavier than what you… Continue reading

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