Introducing reviews’ reviews and other stories

Hi friends, as you should have noticed, our new website is up and running! There are few minor changes left to do, but we’re nearly there. This is the 4th Future Is Tomorrow website since 2003, but this time we’re starting from scratch! The next step is to create a community of friends who wanna share with us their thoughts about life and music. For this reason, we’re going to manage this website quite like a blog, where we can write what we’re doing with the band but also what’s happening around us.

While we’re working hard on writing and arranging the new songs, we’d like to summarize quite all the reviews our first album (Fit to Die part 1) received. So the next posts are going to be some kind of reviews of the reviews we gathered around the world. I think no one did this before, it could be funny!

We want also to get into the mood of the next album. As I wrote before, we’re gonna talk about war and the right to make it. Writing music about this thread is not easy, and we’re working hard to keep a distant eye all over that. Our goal is to make some culture about this, by remaining super partes (as they say in latin). :)

Among these posts we could also publish some videos about Grave’s drum style, as soon as he manages to tape them! This will be REAL fun! ;)

Today is the 150th birthday of Italy, and even if the place I live in has been enclosed in Italy only after WW1, I’m waving off with a celebrating flag.

150 years of Italy

It’s a national holiday and I’m spending it at work… help!!! :)

Stay tuned for more…


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