Devin Townsend Project live @ Magazzini Generali – Milan – Italy – 19th march 2011

This time I’m reporting from the Devin Townsend Projct last live in Milan. I really looked forward to seeing him live again (after seeing him with SYL some years ago): the truth is that one of Future Is Tomorrow’s dream is to have our music produced by him. I really think this guy’s music is at least five years in the future! He’s a fucking genius!

We drove 4 hours and finally reached Milan under a heavy rain, just in time to see Devin’s intro. That was spectacular, the best live intro I’ve ever seen.

HeavyDevy himself

The Mighty Ziltoid appeared in a video, joking about earthlings genitals. That was fun! (Ziltoid’s testicles are sweating…) :) I really hope someone will post that video on youtube soon, and I’ll link it here.

Devin played one song from quite every album of his solo career, and two from Addicted, Ziltoid and Terria. The gig was great, even if there were various technical problems, like Devin’s pedal board and guitar suddenly dying. Anyway, HeavyDevy managed to turn the problems into ways of making fun with the crowd. He’s an hell of a frontman, really impressive.

The concert ended with Devin calling ten people on stage to dance “worse than I do, even if it’s not easy”, some can-can messy style, to play a really funny Bend It Like Bender. Great! I really can’t wait to hear his next albums!

…and remember: when canadians are melancholic, they play Cm chords! :)

As a bouns, I’m ending this post with a video of a guitar battle between Devin and Ziltoid. Enjoy!


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