New album: update!

Hi friends! We’re working on our new album, and it’s really great so far!

Let’s make the point!

First of all, the album title: we’re still deciding between “De iure belli” and “Ius ad bellum”. The meaning is quite the same, always regarding the right to make war, but the two choices have slightly different meanings. If you want, internet offers a lot of documentation about this thread. The goal is to find out which of those fits better with what we’re trying to say on this cd.

Then, obviously, there’s the music. Let’s see something about the new songs:

1. Ouverture: an instrumental opening for symphonic orchestra, which has been completed already (we’re still defining some drum parts, but the main thing is ok). This opening introduces the listener to the main musical theme, the one you’ll find here and there on many of the other songs. It’s huge. It’s bombastic. It’s epic. You’re gonna love it, we know! :)

We promise we’re going to find out a suitable title for this track soon! :P

2. A Handful of Dust: this song is turning to be quite troublesome. We wanted to start with a good guitar riff, very heavy, and we found it. However, we’re still deciding whether singing over a straight pattern or over an odd one. The chorus is kind of catchy, and this is good! :P

This kind of work reminds me the one I made for “Another Soul” on the Fit to Die album. I wrote that songs in a loooooong time, always changing things until we entered the studio. I was very worried about the final result, but then it became my favourite song of that cd. Thus, I’m optimistic about this one! :)

3. Libra: this is the song I wrote on easter day! :) Every album should have some song that comes to mind in one single shot, from the beginning to the end (On the last album there were two of this kind: Awakening the Ghosts and Stories to Tell. Could you guess? :) ). This one is very interesting for a guitar player, it has some picking peculiarities that make us be very soft with the right hand. It’s not my usual writing style, but I think it works very well!

4. Me, My Enemy, Myself: it starts with a 5/4 killer riff by Pablic and half of the chorus is played in tapping. Do you want more? It’s a killer tune, believe me! :D

5. Just War: this song is the one that’s closer to the “title track” status. It seems to be a tradition that our title tracks are mostly written by Pablic. :) Anyway, it’s a tune with a very prog rock vibe, minor and major acoustic parts, heavy metal riffing… It’s melodic, yet very difficult to play! When I started remembering all the parts, I found this song very funny to play!

6. No Country for Heroes: the last time I wrote a ballad has been back in 2003, for our first demo, and it’s title was “Seasons of Loleniness”. A song I’ve always been kind of proud of, and maybe one day we’ll work again on it. Anyway, I thought that a slow and emotional tune could fit the lyrics Pablic wrote for this song. It’s a very dark theme, so realistic it hurts. The chorus’ armony is a citation from Giuseppe Verdi’s “Attila”, where he cited another great composer from the 17th century. I’m not gonna tell you who it was, ’cause you’ll find too easy to understand how this song will sound like. You must wait! Ok, I admit I’m freaking teasing you… ;)

Giuseppe Verdi: he really knew how to write music!

Three songs left. Stay tuned for more news…


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