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One of the most controversial and difficult example of “just war” is the Yugoslavian’s one in 1999.

The common opinion is that this war has been done to stop mass murder, ethnic cleansing in progress; first by negotiation and then, after that any attempt had been futile, with a necessary attack.

Irony will save us...

The data on cost-benefit of this war are now available.

The advantages in terms of deaths caused by civil war in Kosovo before NATO’s operations were evaluated by the United Nations as a result of surveys conducted in 2001. It is about 2000 deaths, more or less, evenly divided between Albanian, Kosovars and Serbs, perished in clashes between armed factions and gangs.

We all know more or less strictly no more than a few hundred people: think what a tragedy it would be if all those who are in some ways close are killed before our eyes. But every day, 24,000 people die of thirst, hunger, diseases: worldwide, die, for the reasons we have mentioned before, about seven times the people who died during the 11 September.

This is the confirmation that the current policy can not speak of justice and truth due to the informations that they have delivered.

The total amount of the Yugoslavian war fot NATO had been extimated in $1,690,000,000 from the mobilization costs to the uses of the “smart bombs”.

The losses, materials and humans, for Yugoslavia have been $146,000,000,000

The relationship between the costs of Yugoslavia and NATO is therefore about 1 to 86: in other words, the damage to Yugoslavia were about 86 times greater than the costs for NATO.

Moreover, in the long term, there are effects on humans and the environment of a chemical war, which was the bombing of chemical plants and refineries, at the level of major outbreaks of cancer and other diseases, destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity.

From one point of view some might say it was a “just war”, but the real reasons that moved those who fought this war had nothing to do with what was said by politicians in 1999.

There is one thing to say, though. The public opinion had not the information available to judge and oppose the war. This information has been hidden and replaced by other, more acceptable, by the rulers, once again liars and betrayers of public trust in the people, pledged themselves to achieve their goals and the small minority that supports them.

These things happen. Really!



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