Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Rocktimes

Before I started to write a comment to Rocktimes review, I was thinking for what reason the Italian heavy metal music fails to gain a foothold. There are very valid bands with good musicians: I listened to Pathosray, Slowmotion Apocalypse, Tystnaden and many other’s albums and, apart from the question of musical taste, they are all good. But, after a promising start, most of them suffer from line-up changes , lack of confidence in what they do, complain about lack of places to play and gradually end up in oblivion. It’s a real shame!

Every heavy metal band know that nowadays you have to pay to record a CD and to do a decent tour. Quite depressing actually! But sometimes I feel that, instead of finding alternative routes and arm themselves with patience, bands tend to wait for luck or talent scouts, who magically come to a concert and are impressed by their sound. Well, now as the first hour, your music is good if it sells. Iron Maiden, even though they were certainly different times, filled bars and clubs. I would say it is automatic that a manager and a record company were suddenly interested.

Someone could laugh when we say that Future is Tomorrow wants to be independent: well, at the same time I don’t live hoping that a great label tomorrow will give us a deal. What to do? To wait? No, we try to sell our music through other channels. They are under our eyes, the Internet is a large container and the same record companies know that CDs do not sell anymore because of the download. No one says it’s easy, especially if you do it alone. But now that we have the tools, why are we so lazy to not want to use them with some consistency? The results certainly do not come in a few months, it takes dedication. We don’t think the reach the Top 10 heavy metal songs chart, maybe not even the top 100 heavy metal songs chart.

Will we ever be there? You decide! :)

Whitin twenty years I’d like to look back and say I’ve done a good job, I enjoyed it, I played some good heavy metal songs and someone liked my albums. And maybe, working hardly, I can have some luck! Don’t misundertand me, I’m ambitious but with the idea that I have always to improve my skills, to learn from everyone is good and to believe in what I’m doing.
Haven’t I said you that soon we will have a new album?!! :)



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