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Hello friends!

I fell in love with Meinl Cymbals. I was a fan of Paiste and still I am, but sometimes come the moments of changes and I was looking for something similar. Meinl fits very well to me. :)

meinl cymbals

You can find further infos about the manufactoring here.

I like the powerful and brilliant sound of the Soundcaster custom crashers: they’re made with bronze and a trace of silver. The interesting thing is that the tone is also rich and warm so I can use the cymbals both for strong accents and softer parts. However I chose the medium size obviously because of the kind of music I play with F.I.T., I can’t afford broken cymbals every six months! :P

My ride is a 21” MB10 Medium Ride: I like the big and penetrating sound of the bell! The cymbal has a good balance between pure tone and glassy ping.

It’s almost entirely made with copper.

My lastest purchase is the “Generation X-Treme Stacks Cymbals 12”/14”, you can hear his sound in this video. The drummer who plays is Felix Lehrmann, extremely groovy!!!

The Generation X series is an innovative and modern line of cymbals developed with such artists as Johnny Rabb, Benny Greb, and Thomas Lang.

Benny Greb: he knows what he's doing!

The only shop where I could find the Meinl cymbals is the “Esse Music Store” in Montebelluna (TV). A little far from where I live but there aren’t any other shops which have the Meinl Cymbals for sale. They have good prices and a very interesting variety.

My hi-hat is a Paiste and the China is an UFIP. I had a meinl hi-hat, I remember it was an MB 20: nice but too heavy for me and my way of playing.

Well, I’m not a drummer who knows every kind of alloy or have tried any kind of cymbal: I have an idea of how my set should play according with the kind of music.

When I’ll be rich I’m gonna buy any cymbal I like! :)



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