Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Silent Scream

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Good to know that an heavy metal band like we are is appreciated in our country, too! :)

Obviously nobody is completely original, apart from those who engage in bizarre artistic experiments, and we are not an exception. We want to give our personal view and sound on the issues we deal with. We have some peculiarities as the choirs or melodic voices but, believe me, we’re thinking to work for the opener with some black metal riffs. That’s because of the lyrics or the theme we want to develop. There are some boundaries but we can manipulate the rules with the right knowledge of the facts. Future is Tomorrow, like the other bands in the genre, are an heavy metal band but first of all play music! And to play music means to write good songs for the listeners. It’s usually simple in theory, quite difficult in practice.

heavy metal nerds: maybe we are too, but just a little :P

If someone had asked me before to record “Fit to Die” what would have been my favourite song, I think I’d never answered “The day of retribution”. Eleven minutes long. I like shorter songs. :)

But that track contains all the things, tricks, feelings and more that Future is Tomorrow was able to do in that moment. Now it’s time to raise the bar. For us and for who wants to hear a great product.

The quality is the key: a big production and good songs with groove and melody must be the business card of an artist. Then there are the listeners, you can not please everyone but you can take your own space through thousand of musical suggestions.

Oh, please, don’t forget to buy the CD or the songs on the web of the bands you think are worthy to be supported. We need money to continue to compose, record and improve our art.



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