Featured heavy metal friends: Delirium X Tremens

Hi to all the friends worldwide! Today I’d like to spread the word about a very good band from Italy: Delirium X Tremens. You could ask why I am suggesting a death metal band: it’s because they’re good friends and they seriously kick ass! Ciardo, the singer, appears also in our debut “Fit to Die” and is a very kind person with an incredible voice! We really look forward to working with him in the future, and to playing with Delirium as well!

New album out next fall

The guys put a lot of effort not only in their music, but in the growth of the italian metal scene as well. They organize festivals and listening sessions where the bands can promote their albums. Yeah, they work really hard for the whole thing!

And more, they’re releasing a cd focused on the history and the tales of their mountains, which they love so much. I haven’t yet listened to it, but I really can’t wait! As of now, you can enjoy this teaser:

Teaser of the forthcoming Delirium X Tremens album: BELO DUNUM , Echoes From The Past

You may say that its sound is quite strange for a death metal band, and that’s why I respect them so much. Writing music just like mainstream bands do it’s too easy, you need balls to try something new! Delirium X Tremens are not scared of experimenting new sounds and new solutions. This is the REAL way to push the whole music one step forward.

The release date of “Belo Dunum: Echoes From The Past” is set on next October. Follow them on MySpace and Facebook. Support local bands. Support independent music!



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