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Hi to all our friends worldwide!

As I stated here and here, we’re currently working on our new album, and we’re really thrilled about it so far! :) Since the concept starts from a work of Giacomo Leopardi, I think it could be useful to know better this poet, what he did and why we find him so interesting.

I don’t know if school teahcers around the world make you study italian poetry. Here in Italy we get to know only the principal artists from abroad, but you know: we’re the cradle of culture! ;)

I’m sure you all know Dante Alighieri and his metaphisic journey known as the “Divine Comedy”. Metal fans use to like epic poems! :) Well, this work appeared in so many movies, books, comics and videogames it’s impossible that someone didn’t notice it.

Durante degli Alighieri (May/June c.1265 – September 14, 1321)

Giacomo Leopardi didn’t write epic poems, but is known as the biggest italian poet after Dante Alighieri. Why? Because of his deep vision of nature, society, politics. His way of thinking about the meaning of life itself made him create the concept of “solid nothing”. It would be way too long to explain its meaning here, so I suggest you to read some of his works.

Born in 1798, Giacomo Leopardi suffered for his entire life of various phisical deseases. His continuous study undermined his already fragile physical constitution, and his illness denied him youth’s simplest pleasures. This draw a huge mark on his poems and on his vision of life.

He read a lot the classics from ancient Greece, so much that his first poems were in greek language! This deep knowledge led him to translate many of these classics. Among them, I’d like to point my finger to the “Batrachomyomachia”, which is the starting point to our musical concept. Therefore, on the next post I’ll write a brief description of this epic so you can get to know better what we’re working at!

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