Sad news: Andrew “Mac” McDermott passed away

These are things no one ever want to read… according to Blabbermouth, ex Threshold singer Andrew “Mac” McDermott passed away yesterday for “serious health problems”. :(

I’d like to share a little, personal memory with all of you.

Back in 2002 I knew Threshold but I wasn’t a big fan of the band. I had the chance to see them live, co-headlining the ProgPower festival in The Netherlands and during their show I started singing along “Turn On Tune In”, a song I really like from the album “Hypothetical”. Mac noticed it and waved at me, even if I wasn’t on the front lines. Right after this, the band started to play “Fragmentation”, from the album “Critical Mass”. I was so hooked by that song I looked for the merchandising store that was close to the stage and I bought the album before the song ended!

After that show, I became a big Threshold fan!

R.I.P. Mac, we’ll always remember you!

Threshold – Falling Away


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