New song to be recorded next summer

Exciting news! We’re going to enter the studio on July, 14th to record a new song that will NOT be included on the next album, but it’s gonna be released FOR FREE on the web!!!

Shortly after “Fit to Die” recordings I felt it was the time to improve our style a little, so I wrote “The Defeat”. This song was meant to be the next album’s opener, but things turned in a slightly different way. I guess the time wasn’t right in the end.

Time passed by, and when we started working on the new material we decided to start from scratch, therefore “The Defeat” lied on my desktop for a couple of years… I listened to it again some week ago and I found myself thinking: “Hey, that’s not bad at all, we can give it another try!”

So here we are! This song will help us in testing the mix among the new riffs, the new guitar sound and the new orchestral arrangements, so be prepared for something that will sound HUGE!

The lyrics take inspiration from the first chant of Giacomo Leopardi’s “Paralipomeni della Batracomiomachia”, the opera we’re talking about on our upcoming album. They may sound a little discouraging :) Well, we’re talking about people defeated by an overwhelming power in a war for freedom. Does it sound familiar? It has been written in the 19th century, but we hear about this topic everyday…

Stay tuned for more updates!



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