The Defeat: new single pre-release

Hi to all our friends all over the world, it’s finally time to create the right mood for the release of our new single: “The defeat”.

As we anticipated here and here, we put the “Fit to Die” concept on hold to talk about a different thread: war! But why war? Mankind is struggling to achieve peace, but we need always to remember that millions and millions of people have payed with their own life for this goal already. Even so, we’re not even close to the end of many meaningless conflicts.

Let’s go back in time, nearly one century ago. We’re in Sarajevo, the date is June the 28th, 1914. Do you know the guy on the picture below?

Gavrillo Princip

Gavrillo Princip, irredentist of the “Black Hand”

Nowadays he would be called a terrorist. He’s Gavrillo Princip, a serbian irredentist of the group named “Black Hand“. On June the 28th, 1914 he shot two times the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, right after he and his accomplices failed to kill him with a bomb.

Why did he kill the Archduke? What can lead a person to take another person’s life? If we could know the answer to this question, nothing would have happened in Boston and Damascus would be a quiet place to visit. Sad to say, the truth is different.

Let’s get back to Gavrillo Princip: what was he trying to achieve? At the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, that area was a politically “hot” place. In 1878 Austria-Hungary received the mandate to occupy and administer the Ottoman Vilayet of Bosnia, while the Ottoman Empire retained official sovereignty.  The Great Powers (Austria-Hungary, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Ottoman Empire and Russian Empire) gave official recognition to the Principality of Serbia as a fully sovereign state, which four years later transformed into a kingdom.

The tide changed in 1903, when the Serbian Royal Palace was stormed by some serbian military officers, which brutally killed the royal family, thus installing a new king. This one was more nationalistic, friendlier to Russia and less friendly to Austria-Hungary.  Over the next decade, disputes between Serbia and its neighbors erupted as Serbia moved to build its power and gradually reclaim its 14th-century empire.

Many other things happened shortly after, but we think you are starting to get the picture. This brings us again to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

What Princip wanted was, in the end, freedom. What he didn’t know is that his actions have been the stepping stone for the beginning of World War I.

Did he do something wrong? Of course he did! Taking a human life is ALWAYS the worst thing to do! Was there another way to show his patriotic feelings? We will never know…

“The defeat” is not a song about Gavrillo Princip and what he did back then, but it’s a song about the loss of freedom in a twisted culture, where the value of feedom itself is lost in the drift of a decadent society. And it’s a blast!

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Do you think the release date is going to be on June the 28th? Well, you’re absolutely WRONG! :D Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait that much!

More news to come in the next days, so stay tuned!



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