Drum gear

Here we are, recording the drums for the new album!

Hi everyone, we finally started the recording of our new album, with a yet-to-be-defined title spanning from “Just War” to “Jus ad Belli” with quite some choices in between.
It took us a lot of time to get back on… Continue reading

I’m in love with my Tama drums!

Well, if my first Tama Rockstar could speak, it would not say the same to me. I remember when I bought it: while I was putting the base drum in the car, I accidentally hit the baggage (despite the precautions… Continue reading

Ze Germans Zymbals

Hello friends!

I fell in love with Meinl Cymbals. I was a fan of Paiste and still I am, but sometimes come the moments of changes and I was looking for something similar. Meinl fits very well to me.… Continue reading

Jazz drum kit for heavy metal drummers

Isn’t it an attractive headline for an article?! :) No?! Ok, I tried…

Well, I want to talk a little about my drumkit and what I think about metal drummers.

First of all I use a Tama Starclassic Performer: it… Continue reading

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