Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by The Metal Observer

Ok, I have to admit it, I’m an ignorant: I don’t know Mind’s Eye music. Yes, I knew the name but (remember?) I’m lazy and I didn’t hear anything yet.

The reviewer of “The Metal Observer” compares us to this band with some differences: I can’t talk about their genre but I think he got the point when he says that Future is Tomorrow are more power metal than progressive :). Well, we have the choir, we have to do epic music!! :)

Just joking.

I find it’s very interesting to read what people feel from an album. Our goal is not to to write the greatest heavy metal songs but to create albums where the listener could find something to think and talk about. This reminds me when I listen to “Dead Winter Dead” of Savatage. It’s not an easy listening album and it’s not progressive: there are tons of emotions, every song has something to say and they contribute to be part of the whole composition! I think Jon Oliva is a genius! :)

Aargh! A genius!!!

Oh, I liked the sentence “less is more”!! The reviewer said in three words the way we try to made Future is Tomorrow’s music. Sometimes you’d like, especially me, to put everything you can do in a song ( hey, we’re also a progressive band , right?!:)

Well, it’s not so easy to put away your ego and focus on the whole song, and then imagine it as as a part of an entire Album. In few words everyone has to make the right things at the right moment: easy to say but not so much to make in practice. When I listen to CD’s of death metal or Progressive metal I hear so many useless parts, surely beautiful, but not closely necessary for the song.

This is MY opinion, GOT IT???

Anyway, this is just my opinion, but if you listen to the professional musician you’ll find they work this way.


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