Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Maelstrom

Grave’s here, again. :)

I think I should talk more about the good reviews…naah too easy:)

The “Maelstrom Webzine” caught an interesting point about the singing but, in my opinion, I believe the reviewer did not pay attention to the arrangements of the songs.

Everyone likes this or that kind of music, and heavy metal, with his several sub-genres from classic to power through death, trash, progressive and son on, has created a lot of followers with their own opinion on how a genre should be played or listened .

Then there also are the mixes as power-prog, death-trash, super-vegetarian.grindcore-black metal…..

Well, we never believed to be original ( as said in another review’s comment ) or tryied to invent another kind of metal but sometimes I have the impression that not everyone has the passion or the patience to listen to the whole concept of a song, or better of an Album. I explain: the reviewer talks about the sound of the guitars and then the production where all the instruments are clear.

We’re labelled as power metal. Oh, this is not a problem, really!!

Yes, we're indeed a power metal band. Well, not only this...

But there’s no traces of the choirs, the progressive parts, the latin spoken, the growling vocals…

When I listen to new heavy metal bands the first temptation is to identify who are their influences and who are they trying to imitate: that’s because I, we, have to make comparisons for the need to label the sound of an artist. How many times we said this sentence: “Yes, they’re good but they remind me too much Helloween or Gamma Ray or whatever you want”.

Ok, Future is Tomorrow do not play fast and don’t have screaming voices so they aren’t death metal. Uhm, clean voices, some guitar riffs, sixteen notes and other things..yes, they are power metal! Wait, there are also some time changes, not so many! I can said, they’re Power Progressive Metal… :)

Ok ok, I’m just having fun, because I’m a musician ( really??) and I like to protect my music.

In conclusion to me is very important to read the opinion of people because they give us advises, ideas and let us know their preferences. Only a thing: support the independent artists and go to see them live!!! ;)

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