Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Adrenalin Fanzine

My God, 9.33 from Adrenalin Fanzine!!!

Ok, wait a minute. I’m going to wear a nice dress to review this one.

Could you even immagine Grave wearing a dress like this???

I’m amazed by the review and very happy. Maybe I can continue praising the CD or ourselves..no, no. I think “Fit to Die” is a strong Album but is not perfect. :)

Well, I still have big time listening to the songs but it’s time to look forward.

These days I’m trying the drums for a couple of new tracks: “they’re the best songs we have written ’till now”…it’s says so when you have a new Cd, right?!! ;)

Seriously, there is a new one, named “Me,my enemy, myself” that drives me crazy. I wrote the lyrics, too.

Gad and Pablic made a fantastic job with this song: not difficult to play with drums but very powerful and with an interesting use of dynamics.

It’s quite different from the “Fit to Die” ones: sometimes it seems to me to hear a mixture between Savatage and Queensryche.:)

Sounds good!!

I realize I’m not talking very much about the review: well, what can I say, it gives us a big boost to go on with our work: trying always to learn from mistakes, improving our songwriting and maybe finding a better drummer! :)

well, atl east this one is less bald than Grave :P

If we become famous I’ll tell you when I left F.I.T. In 2008 to be back in 2010…very interesting, no?!!…………



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