Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Truemetal

I daily read Truemetal webzine and I was a little worried about the review.

I really don’t know why but it was like if a friend of yours could speak badly about you. Maybe exaggerated!

OMG, really? You do mean it?

Well, I didn’t ever think to write fantasy lyrics not because they’re bad, just because I’m not able to do it! :)

I admit that Blind Guardian‘s songs have very nice lyrics although they often touch fantasy themes.

I prefer to talk about reality trying to give a point of view through its observation.

If in “Fit to Die” there is a sort of story, for the second Album we already have a plot and a main theme, the war. Not so easy because heavy metal is full of songs that deal with this topic!

We never started from a literary work, surely a challenge but very fascinating: first of all the sound of the first songs seems different to me. Not so much for the drums’pattern, the guitar rhythms etc., it’s the whole sound, the entire concept that brings the mind and the body to think and feel different: sometimes epic as the “Overture”, other times martial and heavy inward as “Me,my enemy, myself”. Music have to communicate and we always start from the lyrics and try to give them the right interpretation through words and sounds. Obviously with the power of our beloved heavy metal!!

The power of metal

Horns up!!


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