Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Live4Metal

Here we are, again.

Live4metal webzine review is good for me to talk about feelings. Well, feelings about music :)

I found very interesting the reviewer’s sentence:”they remind me of 80s Pop music, without being overly catchy, and I cannot really explain my thought process, that’s just what my brain is telling me! Yes, nice, I like it. This is what i call music experience. You listen to a song and can’t find the words to explain what you’re feeling. You try to control or to enclose your sensations inside your knowledge, through all the music you have listen to the years. And that’s why the comparisons exist!!

it’s too simple to say “Yeah, Future is Tomorrow plays great heavy metal” or “Future is Tomorrow’s music sucks”!!!

Some think this of our music, but not so many :)

Melodies are catchy but the sound is power and a little bit progressive. There is a choir and a tons of ather things inside the album. Surely there are many bands who are too similar to their “metal heroes”; but it’s out of doubt that every artist has some influence and the main goal it’s to find a personality, maybe not through the first or the second album. People want feelings and communication and the duty of who call himself an artist is to give them in every possible way. Sometimes they will be good, other times bad.

Who's an artist, anyway?Grave

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