Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Powermetal.cl

This is a great review.

Not just for the vote, certainly very good, but for how the review is written.

Powermetal.cl wrote an opinion track by track: the reviewer says he likes to discover new bands and his curiosity brings him to a very accurate listening to of “Fit to Die”.

Believe me, the vote for me is not so important compared to the opinion that he gives us song by song. I think he’s right: the production and the singer remind to our big metal companions Vision Divine or Labyrinth. They both recorded at the New Sin Studios!

Well, I never followed these bands, and I think the same for the other band members: I don’t really know if it’s the production or a sort of coincidence, but I have to admit that the sound is a little similar. The next CD will have another production, bigger..unfortunately for our pockets, too :)

I agree with the reviewer: the best song of the album is “The day of Retribution” ( almost eleven minutes looong!! ): I think this song encloses all that Future is Tomorrow were at that moment: the way we do heavy metal, our strengths, our weakness and a good point to grow up further.

In the end, it's all about that! :)

The song fits well as final gloss: although I like heavy groovy metal parts my favourite moment to play is the beginning, with its low dynamics and a very good vocal line.

The most difficult? Maybe “Stories to tell”: there’s a sort of backward drumming and needs concentration to mantain a strong groove throughout the whole song.

My favourite one to play is “Another Soul”: tightened at the beginning then it opens with the chorus, follows an heavy martial verse and an absolutely amazing guitar solo by Pablic!

I believe we did the best we could. I’m sure that we’re ready for a bigger challenge and we want to prove to ourselves that we’re able to make another great Album, with better songs, interestings themes and that can give new excitement to the listener!

This is not related to our next artwork!!!



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