Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Nocturnal Horde

“The focus from the band is on the song” [cit.] from Nocturnal Horde webzine.

Yes, this is the main goal we have when we make a song. As said by the reviewer sometimes, or often, who does progressive music tends to lose sight the composition of the entire track in favor of some technicality or the addition of instrumental parts, which perhaps would be better off in another song. Do not misunderstand me, we are sure not perfect but when we start to write, the first thing is to make a good heavy metal song. And to do this we always begin from the lyrics!! The main thing is to have strong vocal parts where building up the whole song.

Many instrumental parts does not mean many instruments!

Usually the chorus is the most important moment: but I prefer to say that it is one of the moments, like the verses or the guitar solos. If we only focus on the choruses (or other single parts) we surely miss the balance of the whole track..

We play power metal with a bit of progressive, we do not play pop music (Somewhere I read that we are the best metal boy band…..:) ), it’s not so easy to do.

You won't find our cd here... for now! :)

A great experience on composition comes from Gad who leads and sings in a choir: he has always in mind how a song sholud be played; but he has the ability to know and let express the skills of the other musician, too. It’s out of doubt that there will be a strong mark from one person but I believe this is the best way to work otherwise there would be anarchy. :)

Well, this is all for today.

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