Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Musikanish.de

Another German review, this time from Musikanish.de.

Nowadays the most of the bands have to self produce their music: the sad thing is that the real problem, beyond of the amount of money required, is that there’s no promotion or decent distribution.

We decided to self produce and self promote our Album: no one says this is easy but we’re tired to receive contract proposal where we had to put money and do not know how they would be used.

Improving our songwriting and try to do better songs requires a better production: it’s an investment and we want to have full control of it.

I wish I could make this one grow in my garden...

Heavy metal fans today have the opportunity to listen to music before buying it and, believe me, this is a good thing. They’ve become exellent judges because of tons of metal bands with their styles and proposals. What can do a band? Trying to be in the spotlight, being proactive and consistent. It’s a hard work to do with our own strengths but I think that during the years a musician finally can have some satisfactions.

And don’t forget to be ambitious: think big, hear people’s opinions and work on the details.

Maybe we won’t make the best heavy metal song or album but we can build up a solid discography with a good fan base and give’em great live experiences.

Then if luck would be knock at our door..well, we’re gonna open for shure! :)

This would be luck itself? He reminds me more Jesus! Well, whatever...



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