Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Metalwave

All right, what else is left to say about a “Fit to Die” review? Of course, buy the CD :)

It’s pure heavy metal music!! And we need money to do the next Album!! :)

Ok, I’ll stop with my promotional campaign.

The reviewer of Metalwave is right: there aren’t the lyrics into the booklet. There was not enough room but very soon we will post all the story.

So, let’s talk about “Dead” lyrics.

It’s the first song of the album and it is the main character who is speaking.

His body his in the coffin but his consciousness, ego, spirit or whatever we want to call it, is on a sort of limbo.

This is a good limbo. Do you know which game it comes from?

He feels no emotions and calmly points out that they were a burden, both good and bad… Now he found a peace without thoughts. I did not want to talk about soul, spirit or something like that. My intention was to let the protagonist feel the pure essence of the “I am”, against the “me” with thoughts and perceptions. If he was still alive he would be able to see reality for what it is. At the same time I didn’t wanted to speak about “another world as if it was the Heaven”. Well, in few words, the main carachter is between the earth and the universe, infact he feels no emotions but he has still remembrance of his life on earth.

He can see what happens during his funeral, he hears what the partecipants say, he perceives their thoughts: from this point the story unravels through the involvement of different participants, showing the several feelings during the event of the death of a human being. I did not want to name the main character because it was not essential. I could call it the “Nameless one”, but I preferred “dead” because that is his current state. His body is dead but its essence is not transcended. It’s like a door between the two different worlds.
I think “Dead” is a good metal song, a strong and fast beginning for an Album. Many metal bands start their CD with a powerful song, maybe one day we will do like Opeth and we’ll begin the album with a song like “Coil” or “Windowpane” (to me one of the greatest opening songs).

Opeth: a damn good band!

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