Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by TeethOfTheDivine

Hi everyone, let’s talk about what’s heavy! Metal is heavy and heavy metal songs should be heavy!!

The what about heavy metal ballads?

I want to tell something to Fred from Teeth of the Divine webzine: the next CD will be heavier than what you would expect from Future is Tomorrow! :) Some good heavy songs …with a ballad…:) This one is for metalheads who have a heart :) despite of the lyrics of the song which are very strong. The feeling reminds me to “The bard’s song” of Blind Guardian although it is quite different. Maybe I’m crazy. :)

The reviewer felt Rush on the title track: believe me, I’d never thought to be compared to this band on a F.I.T. song. A great compliment in my opinion!!

The title track is a bit different from the other songs because is a composition started from Pablic: he has the particular gift to write 7/4 riff and make them sound like a 4/4. And it becomes very easy to me to play:) So Gad, stop listening to Shadow Gallery or other complicated progressive bands. :)

Heavy metal is about... being heavy, isn't it? ;)

In “Fit to Die” there is not a true ballad, but the song that comes closest, to me, is “Stories to Tell” . Maybe the best composition of the album: there are a couple of songs that I prefer but “Stories to Tell” has a lot of dynamics and a great feeling. Max did a very good job!

(I made a base drum mistake but don’t tell it around….).

What can I say more: keep supporting heavy metal, independent music and, obviously, Future Is Tomorrow. And I’m expecting that our ballad will touch your hearts and reach the top 10 of the greatest heavy metal songs:):)….



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