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Just war /4

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Just war /3

And now, let’s go deeper in the thread…

One of the most controversial and difficult example of… Continue reading

Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Metalwave

All right, what else is left to say about a “Fit to Die” review? Of course, buy the CD :)

It’s pure heavy metal music!! And we need money to do the next Album!! :)

Ok, I’ll stop with my… Continue reading

Gadjet’s next guitar? Maybe a VGS

About ten years ago I bought my last guitar, the one I mainly use: a LTD M-350. It’s a good instrument, mahogany neck through body with rosewood fingerboard. Obviously, I fully customized it! :) After one week or so,… Continue reading

Just war /3

The political question of the just war

(If you missed the previous posts, you can find here part 1 and part 2)

All of us, or at least most of us, tend to argue that the world is based… Continue reading

Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Hard&Heavy

Here I am with another fantastic review from an Italian webzine, Hard ‘n Heavy. You can also read an interesting interview to Gad here, made by Beppe Diana.
We have a great debt with him, he supported us and… Continue reading

Just war /2

In the past history of humanity, the concept of  “just war” was widely accepted: the Crusades, the colonial wars, wars of conquest and “civilization”. However, the horror generated by the second world war seemed to have produced an… Continue reading

Website offline – hosting on fire

As you may have noticed, our website has been offline for about 12 hours. We’re sorry about that, but it seems that a fire damaged the UPS room of our hosting’s server farm.

Some thousand italian sites were down, and… Continue reading

Just war

Hi guys.

Let’s talk about war!

Yes, Future is Tomorrow are making a new Album and the main theme will properly be war.

We knowit , it’s a concept used and abused so many times by any kind of band… Continue reading

Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by Novometal

Hello everybody!

It has been three months since the last time I listened to “Fit to Die”. I’m writing these lines while listening to “The day of Retribution”.

Anyway, here we go with a portuguese review from Novometal.

As… Continue reading

Heavy metal songs: Fit to Die reviewed by

Another German review, this time from

Nowadays the most of the bands have to self produce their music: the sad thing is that the real problem, beyond of the amount of money required, is that there’s no promotion… Continue reading

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